Separating SEO Truths From Common Misconceptions

Today, there are many people practicing SEO skills but the intention of an individual matters most. Once you have proper knowledge regarding SEO, you will be able to determine false things quickly.

SEO Misconceptions

Misconception a.

You must engage in war with search engines for you to enjoy top ranking. This means you have to utilize sneaky tricks for you to outsmart their algorithm. This may be apealing but this concept is wrong.

Truth a. The fact is you cannot engage search engines in any war. You do not need to fool or outsmart the search engines to gain the desired visibility. Your visitors are actually the ones you are competing with. For you to get the desired ranking, you need to offer relevant content. Search engines do not want content that does not satisfy the user.

Misconception b. You need to submit your website to search engines. Therefore, you must pay a certain monthly fee for your website to be submitted to over 30 thousand search engines. The impression here is that submission to search engines is beneficial.

Truth b. It is even better for you to employ strategies such as search engine robots being allowed to find pages without submitting. If you base the concept of SEO or traffic on submitting, it means you are yet to understand how a search engine works. The concept of submitting is used to exploit the new individuals coming online.

Misconception c. If a website is banned, the specialist entrusted must be unethical or evil.

Truth c. Search engine workshops can reject that which is related to tricks, shortcuts or spam if they fail to meet search engines guidelines. People are not always evil or unethical. Those who get penalized or banned are those who have not taken time to learn about SEO best practices. This means having well-structured SEO skills training go a long way.

“If you lack proper SEO knowledge, chances of getting bad advice or violating the search engines guidelines are very high. At times, it is the website of the webmaster that is banned. While each situation is different, gaining skills is far better. While it is not always about good or evil, the intention of the user seems to matter most,” says Dan Brown of SEO agency in Bangalore.

Misconception d. Trying and learning SEO is a real nightmare. Take time to determine each SEO influence in addition to getting each factor right. You must research on keyword placement, keyword prominence, keyword density, and more. There are many people talking about these but is completely false.

Truth d. You can spend your precious time measuring such things but the success stories will be very few. There are more crucial aspects that could yield exceptionally good results. While SEO influences affect one another, each search engine’s grading is determined by the specific industry.

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