Safety And Security: Bike Locks

There is an array of various locks available in the market today to secure your bike against detractors, but which type of lock is the best? We will discuss the multitudes of locks that are available.

Firstly there are three types of bike locks that can be used:

  • Loop Locks
  • Shackle Locks
  • Cable and Chain Locks


Cables are usually multi “braided” with several thin wires. With a large number of thin wires it is more difficult to cut a cable than ones with lesser thicker strands. Cheaper cable locks will consist of basic cables while a better quality cable will consist of fine braid constructions. An advantage of using the cable locks is that it offers a lot of flexibility. Cable wires are easier to wrap around objects. It is not a good idea to leave your bike unattended overnight just relying on cables. You can use Best cable locks for bike to secure your bike.

Chain Locks

Chain locks are usually made of steel. The strength of this type of lock depends on the material and type of steel used as well as the free spaces between each link. To withstand tensional force, chains are always a durable option. Two levers are placed between the gaps to create links. Cheaper chain locks will have more space between the links, whereas good quality chains have significantly reduced gaps between each link. Chains are a more secure option when compared to cables as it can provide safety for a longer period of time. The only disadvantage of using chains is that it is extremely heavy. An advantage is that chains take up less space in your pocket as it can collapse into a pile.

Shackle Locks

There are two parts to a shackle lock. They include the U shaped round bar and the mechanism housing. The bar is often made of hard steel as is the lock mechanism. This resists cutting. There are two types of shackle locks available in the market. The Single Mechanism shackle lock operates your lock from only one side of the housing whereas the Double Mechanism shackle lock can be easily operated from the center of the housing. These are clearly the best bike locks.

Loop Locks

Loop locks work by creating a loop around any rotating element of your bike, usually it is the wheels. This prevents the bike from being driven away. The most basic way to use a loop lock is to wrap a cable lock or chain around the tyre and rim which should prevent it being rotate and hence ridden by thieves.

The only disadvantage of this lock is that the lock needs to be carried separately which can be an added responsibility. An authentic loop lock can be attached directly to your bike’s frame and hence wherever you travel with your bike. The locking system is as simple as drawing the lock bar around and through to the opposite side. The loop lock option is only ideal if you are going to stay away from your bike for a little while.

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